Vino Therapy


What exactly is vinotherapy?

Vinotherapy is the emerging spa trend of using wine by-products, such as grape seeds, skin and stems to heal and rejuvenate the body.The wine by-products used are red grape extract, micronized yeasts, organic grape seeds, and grape essential oils.

Scientific research has proven that grape seeds, skin and stems are rich in phytophenols and resveratrol. Polyphenols (taken from the grape seeds) are a type of flavonoid with potent antioxidant abilities that protect the body from free radicals, while resveratrol, (a polyphenolic compound obtained from the grape skins) slows the aging process, spurs new cell growth and firms up skin.

Polyphenois are 10,000 times stronger than vitamin E and 50 times more effective, can reduce 80 percent of the free radicals which are responsible for wrinkles and skin aging, and can improve circulation by strengthening blood vessels. They are a powerful antioxidant which acts as a free radical scavenger– defending the skin, promote tissue elasticity – creating a more youthful appearance.


What are the benefits of vinotherapy for skin health?

Vinotherapy has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis while supporting capillary health. Using wine by-products is also soothing to the skin and promotes anti-inflammation of the skin. Vinotherapy can accelerate would healing and even stimulate new cell growth.

*Enjoy a delicious range of wine therapy packages, which include body scrubs, body wraps, facials, massage.


Wine Therapy Facials


– Anti wrinkle and anti oxidant treatment.

– Excellent for both male and female skin types.

– Anti-age skin treatment, both as preventative and as part of an anti-age skin programme.

– Prepares skin for sun exposure, repairs skin after sun exposure.

– Prepares skin for excellent absorption of beauty serums and creams.

– Sagging skin

– Premature ageing.

– Sensitive skins.


– Stimulates cell regeneration.

– Hydrates skin,soothes,nourishes.

– Treats dry sun damaged skin.

– Revitilizes all skin types, even dull and smokers skins.

– Excellent for male skins.

Wine Therapy Body Treatments


– Preventative Anti age treatment.

– Firming

– Decongests heavy legs, helps reduce swelling.

– Excellent for male skins.


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