Vino Therapy

What exactly is vinotherapy?

Vinotherapy is the emerging spa trend of using wine by-products, such as grape seeds, skin and stems to heal and rejuvenate the body.The wine by-products used are red grape extract, micronized yeasts, organic grape seeds, and grape essential oils.

Scientific research has proven that grape seeds, skin and stems are rich in phytophenols and resveratrol. Polyphenols (taken from the grape seeds) are a type of flavonoid with potent antioxidant abilities that protect the body from free radicals, while resveratrol, (a polyphenolic compound obtained from the grape skins) slows the aging process, spurs new cell growth and firms up skin.

Polyphenois are 10,000 times stronger than vitamin E and 50 times more effective, can reduce 80 percent of the free radicals which are responsible for wrinkles and skin aging, and can improve circulation by strengthening blood vessels. They are a powerful antioxidant which acts as a free radical scavenger– defending the skin, promote tissue elasticity – creating a more youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of vinotherapy for skin health?

Vinotherapy has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis while supporting capillary health. Using wine by-products is also soothing to the skin and promotes anti-inflammation of the skin. Vinotherapy can accelerate would healing and even stimulate new cell growth.

*Enjoy a delicious range of wine therapy packages, which include body scrubs, body wraps, facials, massage.

Wine Therapy Facials


– Anti wrinkle and anti oxidant treatment.

– Excellent for both male and female skin types.

– Anti-age skin treatment, both as preventative and as part of an anti-age skin programme.

– Prepares skin for sun exposure, repairs skin after sun exposure.

– Prepares skin for excellent absorption of beauty serums and creams.

– Sagging skin

– Premature ageing.

– Sensitive skins.


– Stimulates cell regeneration.

– Hydrates skin,soothes,nourishes.

– Treats dry sun damaged skin.

– Revitilizes all skin types, even dull and smokers skins.

– Excellent for male skins.

Holistic Anti-Aging Wine Therapy Facial.

The natural and healthy alternative for a facial.

Not only a wonderful way to relax and promote a sense of well-being, but a holistic facial will also improve the texture of the skin, increase circulation and encourage rejuvenation and cellular activity. The acupressure facial massage techniques used also work on a deeper level of the facial microsystem, promoting general health. Using specialised techniques and top quality 100% natural Aroms-Natur products, fantastic results can be achieved


Aroms-Natur the specialist in aroma skincare.

Scientific aromatherapy and aromatherapeutic cosmetics.
100% Natural

What does the treatment consist of?


The routine starts with a gentle cleansing massage that is applied to the decolté, face and neck using  Aroms-Natur  gentle Chamomile cleansing lotion which cleans, balances and soothes skin. A calming start to your therapy that promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being.


This is an important part of a skincare routine. It is used to remove dead skin cells and surface debris, making it easier for the products and serums to be deeply absorbed into the skin.

This exfoliation mix contains sea salt with kelp to remineralize skin. Essential oils of geranium and lemon increase lusture, promote cell growth, tone muscles and also have healing +antiseptic properties.

Cabernet Sauvignon grape skins are  ground down (micronized) to make a fine powder and this is also added to the exfoliation mixture  to help protect capillaries (thread veins) and also has excellent ant-oxidant properties which is important in the anti-aging process.

3.*Wine Therapy Mask.

The gauze is first soaked in Aroms-Natur Neroli Floral Water before being applied to the face.

Neroli has moisturizing and regenerative properties. This  Floral water is made from the essence of Bitter Orange Blossom.– this aromatic essence eases stress response, calms the mind and uplifts the spirit.

The Red Wine Mask is then applied over the gauze. The red vine powder used for the mask is made from ground down grapevine and whole grape including seeds.. Hydrating, moisturising, anti inflammatory and.antoxidant. Antioxidants help prevent or stop cell damage caused by harsh external factors.

* An arm and hand massage is carried out gently whilst the face mask is taking effect over its required timescale to promote relaxation, or alternatively a gentle head massage.

The face and decolte is then prepared for the facial massage by removing the mask and refreshing the skin with Aroms-Natur Neroli Floral water  this gives the skin a hydrated fresh feeling after cleansing.

4.* Lifting effect Acupressure Facial Massage.

Organic silicon-intensive firming product mixed with Aroms Natur Antioxydant Natural Serum is used for the facial massage.

Organic silicia (silicon) is used for the deep treatment of sagging skin. Silicon is a trace element essential for maintaining good skin tone and elasticity.

The Vid Roja (Red Vine) Antioxydant Natural Serum has a rapid absoption and is specially designed for skins that show signs of ageing. It has an exceptional composition to neutralise free radicals and stimulate regeneration. It stimulates microcirculation, facilitates oxygenation of the skin giving it back a healthier, more radiant appearance. With regular use it increases the volume of the skin, gradually softening wrinkles.

Ingredients: grape seed oil,hazelnut oil,rosehip oil,wheatgerm oil, essential oils of neroli,myrhh,ylang ylang,sandlewood.

*This deeply relaxing facial massage is not only excellent for improving beauty, but it also helps improve health 🙂 .

Benefits of massaging and stimulating the acupressure points….

  • Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to skin and muscles.
  • Reduces puffiness and inflamation. Stimulates removal of toxins and waste products from tissues.
  • Improves texture of skin, increases cellular activity.
  • Improves muscle tone, lifts, rejuvenates.
  • Reduces facial  tension, tight jaw.
  • Aids sinus problems and congestion.
  • Helps relieve visual fatigue.
  • Helps headaches.
  • Relaxes emotional stress and tension.
  • Helps insomnia.
  • Aids with rebalancing general health and wellbeing.

5.*Alginate Face mask.

An alginate face mask is a natural beauty treatment that provides a fast and impressive result erasing fine wrinkles, tightening skin, increasing elasticity, leaving skin fresh, supple and radiant.

Alginate masks contain seaweeds which stimulate collagen synthesis and improve skin’s water holding capacity. They also supply the skin with essential minerals and microelements excellent for face sculpting.

 Benefits of Alginate masks:

Suitable for all skin types. – Helps dryness, greasy skin, rosea, thread veins.

Revitilizes  dull, devitalized opaque skins and moisturises.

Improves circulation.

Tightens loose skin.

Helps open pores (helps reduce pore size).

Lessens puffiness.

Calms skin.

*This mask is extremely important for sealing all the products and moisture into the skin to help protect against  harmful outside elements.

This Wine Therapy finishes with the removal of the mask, which ends this deeply relaxing therapy and the client’s focus is gently brought back into the room.

  • Note

*If the skin is prone to spots and blemishes, a few additional spots may be noticed following treatment but these will tend to come and go much quicker than normal.

*Avoid immediate sun exposure for 4-6 hours after the treatment.

  • Aftercare

* It is recommended to maintain the treatment at home for ongoing benefit and results using the Aroms-Natur products best suited to your skin type. Please feel free to ask me about any of the products after your treatment or visit the Face Beauty Product section.

*It is also recommended to have regular facial  treatments to obtain maximum  results of up to 10 sessions.

 *This Vinotherapy facial is also recommended as an anti-aging and revitilizing treatment for male skins.


Wine Therapy Body Treatments


– Preventative Anti age treatment.

– Firming

– Decongests heavy legs, helps reduce swelling.

– Excellent for male skins.


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