D.I.Y Acupressure for healthy skin.

Beauty Routine:

These beauty acupressure points are useful for improving skin complexion and appearance. By making them a part of your daily routine you are sure to see great results. Definitely try these simple techniques to enhance your beauty. Keep yourself healthy, happy and acne free. Wash your hands thoroughly and press gently each of these facial points for a few seconds 8 times each point.

The facial pressure points are:

  1. On the inside brow near the bridge of the nose (inside corner of the eye).
  2. Press the points right next to the nostrils.
  3. The point behind the ear lobe and the edge of the jaw bone.




Beauty Sleep Routine.

Apply serum or night cream on your face and press the area near the bridge of the nose above your inner eyebrows.

Hold this for 10 seconds, then press along eyebrows.

Now reach your temples and hold them for 10 seconds.

Now press the pressure points right beside the nostrils and press for 10 seconds.

Repeat this same procedure 8 times every night.

This will help you gain a better skin tone and you will also be completely relaxed. You will fall asleep faster than usual.




By stimulating these points on a daily basis, either by massaging gently or tapping, you can help keep your skin rejuvenated and revitilized between treatments.

Use as part of your home beauty routine.

Facial pressure points disclaimer:
The Acupressure points for healthy skin, facial beauty mentioned above are a guide only.
If you have not learned about the appliying techniques, the amount of pressure etc., please consult an acupressure expert before triyng the facial pressure points on yourself or any other person.

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