Oriental Massage Therapies.


Oriental-based systems of finger pressure massage such as Acupressure and Shiatsu, aiming to release discomfort and rebalance energy.
This is done by intending to harmonise the flow of Qi or” Chi “( life force energy) through the meridians (energy pathways).



Acupressure Massage


Several different kinds of acupressure are currently practiced, although the same ancient trigger points are used in all of them.
Acupressure is a form of touch therapy that utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
In acupressure, the same points on the body are used as in acupuncture, but are stimulated with finger pressure instead of with the insertion of needles.
Acupressure massage performed by a therapist can be very effective both as prevention and relief of pain as well as for many health conditions.



Shiatsu – Japenese form of acupressure


Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing art. The treatment incorporates gentle manipulations, stretches and pressure exerted using fingers and thumbs.



Tui Na – Chinese Therapeutic Medical Massage


The term tui na which literally means «pinch and pull,» refers to a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapeutic massage and body work.
Tui na is not generally used for pleasure and relaxation, but rather as a treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony by re-establishing Qi energy balance. It is an effective therapy for treating pain and staying healthy.
Tui Na involves rhythmic compressions along the meridian lines of the body.
This treatment is often done through clothing or a sheet without direct contact on the skin.



Bamboo Fusion Massage


Bamboo Fusion is a new relaxing form of massage that combines the techniques of Swedish massage and the benefits of soothing bamboo. Although this may seem like a new technique,bamboo massage has ancient roots. The bamboo is used to literally roll and knead away the aches and pains of everyday stress. Some practioners combine elements of Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine,Thai massage, Lymphatic drainage and sometimes essential oils are incorporated into the massage. The massage itself promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Created for clients who prefer a more intense massage, this treatment is ideal for both women and men because it strikes a balance between a deep tissue massage and a stress-reducing treatment.


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